Something New

We are a new franchise, so you will find plenty of opportunity with us.

Something Different 

Funerals are not everyone’s first choice. But all those who work with Legacy Streaming enjoy the work they do

Something Big

This is an important moment for the family, and we have to capture the moment.

About us

Funeral Live Streaming that Makes you Feel Like You’re There

COVID has given us a unique opportunity as we live stream funerals. As most funeral homes are now confronted by their families to live stream their funeral service. We play an important role in relieving this new expectation families are placing on funeral homes. We now have an opportunity to serve these families and stream their loved one’s funeral for many to experience.

Is Legacy Streaming for you?

Live streaming can be hard to get used to, and is not for every one.  We have some points below to help you figure out if Legacy Streaming is for you.

  • Live streaming or video experience, as little as streaming for your church or your kid’s school basketball games.
  • Familiar with Apple products and Google. We use Apple and Google a lot in our systems. As long as you own and understand an Apple device and have a Gmail or use Google calendar, getting going with us will be simple.
  • Respect for faith of all kinds. As faith and religion are closely tied with funerals, you need to have an understanding and respect for all faiths.
  • Have an internal drivenness for excellence and to expect the same from their team.
Get started with Legacy Streaming

In 6 steps

The process to join Legacy Streaming is simple. Once we’ve determined you would be a good fit, all it takes from you is the franchise cost; we’ll take care of the rest.


Get learning

Find out more about who we are, what we do, and whether this is the opportunity for you.


Interest call/email

Reach out and give us a call or email, and we can start talking details, looking towards the next steps.


Payment and disclosure

Make your payment and welcome to the Legacy Streaming team! We’re glad to you have you on board.



After payment, we will send you your camera, microphones, and all the other equipment you will need to live stream your first funeral.



Included in the franchise cost is time spent being trained, and learning all the information you will need to be successful in this business.


Get streaming

Our goal for you is 10 funerals a month within the first three months. Get out there, and start streaming!

How much can I earn?

As we are a new franchise, we do not have firm sales quotas in mind. We have every expectation that with best efforts, you should see 10 funerals a month within the first 90 days.

How much do I need to start?

To start with Legacy streaming it is $6,500, that’s all. 

What do I get for my money

The cost is split into four parts. The set up for the Franchise, the equipment,  training, and marketing materials. 

What about Money?

What to expect

From us

We will manage the website you will be streaming to

We offer a support desk for families having trouble viewing the service

Equipment – updates and replacements

From you

Build the relationships with the funeral homes and funeral directors

Going out and streaming the funeral services

Making your money 

Will there still be a job for me after Covid?

That was the question we were all asking in June 2020. We decided to lean in and assumed there would be a serious opportunity. Fortunately we did, as the Covid headache seems to continually roll forward.

Even now, one year later, there seems to be a world of uncertainty as to when we are truly going to be back to normal. Not likely pre-Covid normal.

A few things we think will stick around:
People are reluctant to travel compulsively.

They’re very used to Zoom meetings and live streaming.

Those that are medically at risk, are very conscious of trying to maintain control of their bubble.

Not attending a funeral is not a sign of disrespect today. Watching it online and then phoning, or emailing the loved ones who attended, is very acceptable.

Due to this many funeral homes and funeral venues have looked into longterm live streaming solutions such as stationary cameras in their chapel. This has not slowed down the demand for our services which are not simply live streaming. We are “mobile live streamers”, so we capture the moment. 


Here is what those who have worked for Legacy Streaming are saying: 

Legacy Streaming is the best! Working here has been both exciting and rewarding. We get to share real connections with our customers.


Working with Legacy Streaming provided with me with the flexibility I needed and the room for expansive growth within this industry.


Ready to get started with Legacy Streaming?

Let’s Go!