Legacy streaming

Capture the Moment 

The quality of our service, like any leading company, means the world to us. We set a very high bar. We have been live streaming for 12 years and the last 10 years we’ve been live streaming funerals. We have grown up with all the live streaming technology changes.

We are definitely a post Covid business. In 2019 we live streamed 30 funeral services a year. In 2020, we live streamed 500 funeral services.

At this moment, we do not know of another live streaming company that specializes in only streaming funerals. We believe we have developed a specialty and an understanding to service this market at a very high-level.

Will there still be a job for me after Covid?

That was the question we were all asking in June 2020. We decided to lean in and assumed there would be a serious opportunity. Fortunately we did, as the Covid headache seems to continually roll forward.

Even now, one year later, there seems to be a world of uncertainty as to when we are truly going to be back to normal. Probably never pre-Covid normal.

Our new normal could be plexiglass at checkouts, vaccine passports, travel restrictions, booster shots every year, etc.

I reflect on airport security before 9/11. You could literally park your car and run to your gate in five minutes to catch your plane. Today arriving an hour early, you’ve got a good chance you will miss your plane. And the airport security doesn’t apologize for it either. It’s our new normal.

In the same way, our new normal is that:

People are reluctant to travel compulsively.

They’re very used to Zoom meetings and live streaming.

Those that are medically at risk, are very conscious of trying to maintain control of their bubble.

Not attending a funeral is not a sign of disrespect today. Watching it online and then phoning, or emailing the loved ones who attended, is very acceptable.

Almost all funeral homes today have purchased a stationary camera mounted to the roof of their chapel, so they can offer live streaming of the funeral at no cost to the family. Almost all churches offer live streaming as they already live stream their services.

However, this has not slowed down the demand for our services, which are not simply live streaming. We are “mobile live streamers”, so we capture the moment the casket leaves the hearse and enters the church. We capture the moment the priest welcomes the casket into the sanctuary, and follow the family down the aisle. We capture the graveside moments. Families continually tell us “they feel like they were there”.