Starting a Franchise can be risky

Is Legacy Streaming fit for you?

As much as we would love to say legacy streaming is for everyone, we can’t. There are many things that could hold you back from being successful with our franchise. Here is our target franchisee.

Our Target Franchisee


Age shouldn’t be a number that stops you from success. As we have worked with many people of all ages, we found that people in their mid to late twenties work the best with our franchise setup. 

Apple and Google

Being familiar with Apple products and Google. We use Apple and Google a lot in our systems. As long as you own and understand an Apple device and have a Gmail or use Google calendar, getting going with us will be simple.

Drive for excellence

Have an internal drivenness for excellence and to expect the same from their team. We always want the best possible quality stream for the family. So we must seek excellence in all we do. 


Live streaming or video experience, as little as streaming for your church services or your kid’s school basketball games. 

Understanding Faiths 

Respect for faith of all kinds. As faith and religion are closely tied with funerals, you need to have an understanding and respect for all faiths.


Have your own car, truck, mini van? That’s great! It is important that we keep our arrival time to 90 minutes before the service. It’s hard to do that if you are having to rely on public transportation that is out of your control. So, it’s important that you have your own vehicle to get you to your services.

Pulling the Franchise

We can pull your franchise if:

  • We get a phone call from a funeral home concerned about their experience with you. Usually involves something the funeral directors asked the videographer to do, and the videographer did not respect the request. Yes you will need to make things right with that Funeral Director, and we will probably give you a second chance; but we will be watching very closely.
  • You are failing to arrive 90 minutes before the start of service.
  • You continually display poor communication skills with the Funeral Directors.
  • You don’t tell the truth. Transparency and truth is expected, every-time.

After a Franchise is Pulled

  • We will not post any more funerals from your territory.
  • Your territory will be up for another franchisee to purchase.
  • Once you return your equipment, you will receive an e transfer refund. Within the first 90 days of this relationship, you have the opportunity to return the equipment and receive a refund back on your credit card for the amount of $4,200. (shipping costs are not included.)
  • After the 90 days, you can send us the equipment back and we will receive a refund on your credit card of $2,200. (shipping costs are not included.)