Breakdown of Startup Costs

We expect the $6,500 to be paid by credit card. In the chart, be breakdown all the the expected costed to startup with Legacy Streaming.

The $300 marketing budget in our fees, covers 2,000 business cards and 200 card stands. The ongoing costs of additional business cards and additional business card holders is the franchisee’s.

Within the first 90 days of this relationship, you have the opportunity to return the equipment and receive a refund back on your credit card for the amount of $4,200. (Not including shipping costs.)

After the 90 days, you can send us the equipment back and we will receive a refund on your credit card of $2,200. (Not including shipping costs.)

Breakdown of Monthly Costs

   There are monthly royalty fees and support desk fees, which need to be paid by the first week of the following month.

Revenue Breakdown

Revenue breakdown wholesale price of $599 (for illustrations we are using $600)

Support fund: it’s a pool expense prorated over the franchises. This is the maximum per service. As franchisees and services add up, this number should drop significantly. For example, once we have 100 franchises, each doing 10 services/ month, this number could be $12/service instead of the $60/service.

Our brand has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So the franchisee needs to occasionally expect refunds or credits to keep their customers satisfied.

Sales Quotas

As we are a new franchise, we do not yet have a firm sales quotas in mind.

With 3 million people, we did a monthly range of 23 to 53 services. One franchise gets you a territory of 1 million people.

After 3-4 months of marketing (emails & visits) you can expect 8 – 16 services a month. We believe a budget of 10 services per month is what we can expect.