Starting with Legacy Streaming, What can you Expect?

1. WE are A New franchise

We believe we thought of everything, but that’s not reality. New things are going to come up, new requirements are going to be brought to the table that we need to take care of.

So the first franchisees are going to be helping us hammer out some of the processes we have overlooked. So you need to be patient with us as we make things easier for this relationship.

2. Sales Quotas

As we are a new franchise, we do not have firm sales quotas in mind.

With 3 million people, we did a monthly range of 23 to 53 services. One franchise gets you a territory of 1 million people.

After 3-4 months of marketing (emails & visits) expect 8 – 16 services a month. I believe a budget of 10 services/month, is what we are expecting.

You’ve joined the Legacy Team, now what?

3. Equipment

You can only purchase your equipment through us. We customize it and build it so it’s compact, high-quality, and reliable. We do not make a profit on the equipment.

4. Attire

We do have a specific look we require our franchisees and videographer’s to wear. Very much like a Starbucks dress code. All black. We try to blend as much as possible. We also expect that you will follow this dress code.

5. Marketing

We’ve gone through many approaches and have distilled our marketing down to several key templates. An email template, a conversational script when you pop into a funeral homes location, along with effectively designed business cards.

6. Success Coach

You will also have a success coach assigned to you, who will walk you through each step of the way. The success coach will only receive their bonus once you achieve 10 funerals per month. Hopefully this happens within the first 90 days.

7. Hiring videographers

If you choose to hire and engage other videographers, we will expect them to meet all the same professionalism standards of attire and conduct themselves well.

They will also be expected to complete our online training.

8. Our Support Desk

Our Support Desk takes lots of the heavy lifting from you, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your business: marketing, building client relationships, and live streaming. What you can expect from it:

Confirms new booking data is correct.

Updates your website automatically.

On standby, to assist the videographer if there are on-site technical issues, or fix any issues online.

Takes overflow support calls from viewers having issues.

Automation for bookings, invoicing, email and text message reminders, and many other time-heavy regular tasks. 

We provide bomb support – meaning if you have a live streaming issue and need to upload the backup file. We edit it / re-encode it / upload again to the funeral home page.


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